Wide Calf Fringe Boots for Women

Wide Calf Fringe Boots

Wide Calf Fringe Boots have the cowboy design that is knee high in length and an excellent choice for fashion freak men and women. The boots which are curved for women are perfect footwear that goes well with leggings and skinny jeans.  Black and brown are the most popular color on this. These three-layered boots provide right comfort to the feet as the extra wide calf area allows enough space to breathe inside and assures protection with excellent grips. 

The upper layer is made of faux leather with a sturdy rubber sole underneath Side zippers options are given and buckle or tonal embroideries are added to increase the elegance and make the product a fashionable cowboy boot that carries modern blends.  Thigh high as well mid length Wide Calf Fringe Boots are also present. The right pair of boots with a matching jacket or coat is an obvious combination to make you appear slim, tall and pretty. Click on the buy button to order your pair of boots today!

Collection Of Wide Calf Fringe Boots 

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