Studded Pointed Toe Flats

Studded Pointed Toe Flats

A pair of fashion trendy shoes are almost a must need for every lady. Without classy leather boots or ankle strap sandals, your party dress cannot make the attire complete.

Studded pointed toe flat shoes are the best strappy ballerina that can complement almost every party costume that is common in all women’s wardrobes.

Material: Leather, Faux Leather, Suede and More.

COlor: Black, Beige, White, Red, Pink, and More.

The ankle strap stud shoes are available in various shades of black, pink and white and can also be used for ballet. The bellies design of this footwear makes the product usable for both formal event or office meetings and party purposes.

The flat heel and soft cushion inner padding provide good comfort during long usages. 

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Collection Of Studded Pointed Toe Flat Shoes for Women

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