Distressed Black Boots

Distressed Black Boots

Distressed Black Boots offers a wide range of collections that includes ankle high, knee and thigh length fashionable booties for men and women. For individuals who are passionate about the motorcycle, a perfect pair of biker boots is essential to keep your feet protected and the same has to be sturdy for proving its utility.

These boots portray a classic modern look that goes exemplary matching with denim and formals. It makes the individual look tall and sharp. The glossy out finish of the leather tends to sustain even after tedious regular usages. The steel outsole provides strong friction on any surface to provide the perfect support and grip while riding.

This footwear is ultimate western booties that resemble the cowboy design. The best feature of the item is the soft inner padding which gives a cushion feeling to your feet and can keep it warm and dry during extended hours of usage. This pair comes with either lace-up or side zip option. Click on the buy link to order your pair of boots today!

Collection Of Distressed Black Boots for Women & Men

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